Agile approach to creating IT-products

We will develop software or mobile applications for you taking into account business requirements: we will understand the task, divide the project into stages and build transparent work control until the release. After implementation, we will provide a guarantee for the work and eliminate possible bugs.

We build on the task, not our skills. For example, if a project requires the usage of technologies we are unfamiliar with: we’ll find narrow-focused developers ourselves and “seamlessly” involve them in the project.

We do not develop IT-products cheaper than anyone else and do not carry out more projects than others. But we are confident that we can implement even the complex product thanks to our experience and agile approach to development, which is transparent to the client.

And that is why


We take on different tasks

We are ready to help with a project of any complexity: from a simple online store to a complex program for a research institute. But we are not going to develop a website on a CMS system like 1C-Bitrix or WordPress. We understand that CMS has its advantages, but we prefer to write code ourselves, control the process, and are not eager to get into the core when the client needs non-standard functionality.

Use agile approach

We have a team of experienced full stack developers - a hard core sharpened for web and mobile development. For example, we can easily implement a project on .NET Framework, Java, MS Dynamics 365, help you with products on SalesForce or organize CI/CD process. But if the project is large, requires a specific programming language, or you need to complete it as soon as possible, we will find additional specialists for every specific purpose and control their work.

Build convenient communication

All communication is performed with people that have a nose for programming, can manage projects, and set technically competent tasks to the developers. For example, we had such experience: the contractor of our European client was unable to create a correctly functioning product. We joined this project, figured out code versions and established transparent interaction between our developers, the contractor and the client. As a result, together we created an operating application.

Guarantee quality of performed work

After the release of the product we guarantee the quality and fix bugs within a month. You will have enough time to test everything and find possible bugs. We draw up documentation where all improvements and changes to the project are specified. If you’ll need to add extra features in the future, the next developers will spend less time on implementation.

We have been working with different European IT-projects for several years. For example, we helped such clients as EMBL, KIA, Samsung, Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen and others. Almost all projects were large and complex.

How we work


Understand the task

First of all, we call or meet with the client to figure out what benefits are expected of the product and what are the hardware restrictions. Then we write User Story and preliminary requirements specification: that’s how we understand the result that the client wants to get. After the meeting we analyze all information and spell out details of how the project should be realized: stages, deadlines, budget, and roles required to complete the project.

Arrange working process

From the start we agree upon the format of communication with the client. Usually it’s a call once a week and a presentation, e-mail correspondence, or a general chat room in a messenger. All User Stories are presented on a Kanban board in Jira or Azure DevOps and we share it with the client. So the working process becomes transparent.

Create product in milestones

Inside the team, we define a code version control system, milestone testing algorithms, and a development plan. It is important that code implementation will not depend on a certain performer. If a developer suddenly gets sick in the middle of the project or we need to add extra roles to the team, this won’t affect the timing or quality of work. During development of the project we draw up detailed documentation of the project's history.

Assist after project’s release

After implementation we update the documentation to make it more comfortable to use. For example, we make up requirements for releases and versions support. This helps the client’s own developers or outstaffed developers to join the project and maintain it. We are confident in the quality of our work and the final result; that is why we give a 1-month guarantee in order the client can test the work in real life.

«For three years of work, we have completed 18 projects. Among our clients are: KIA, Samsung, Procter & Gamble and many others. 23 developers have passed through our teams - from juniors to architects. Most of them are do-all full-stack developers. I am an architect myself and I participate in projects, and not just manage the company»

Andrey Mir, CEO, HS High Stake